When Two Design Worlds Collide — The convergence of fashion and interiors


It’s no secret that interior design is often influenced or inspired by fashion design — and vice versa. The relationship between the two is ever-evolving, with fashion often leaning heavier into trends and interiors favoring timeless appeal. I admittedly — and not so unsurprisingly — love fashion design almost as much as I adore interior design, so when the owners of Canela-Canela, a Milwaukee-based fashion jewelry and leather goods manufacturer, asked me to partner with them on an event at The Iron Horse Hotel, my immediate answer was “yes!” (Full disclosure: The women behind Canela-Canela are also my dear friends, so I knew this opportunity was too good to pass up. You can find more information on the event here.)

To prep for the event, our team styled two lounges in The Yard, the hotel’s outdoor — and pet-friendly! — venue. The goal of this project was to showcase the convergence of fashion and interiors, as well as provide you, our loyal blog readers, with styling tips to use in your own home. Here it goes!

The first lounge exudes a more exotic vibe, with bright colors and playful textures front and center.

The star — no pun intended! — of this space is undoubtedly the vintage, 48-star American flag. I picked it up last summer at Cedarburg’s Maxwell Street Days, a fantastic local flea market, and recently had it professionally framed.
  • I pulled a vintage Turkish rug from Stone House Stage + Design to anchor the coffee table vignette, and love how the vibrant colors of the rug complement the orange Canela-Canela tassel earrings. Mark my words: Color is here to stay, in both fashion and interiors.

  • Pale blues and vivid greens are popular color choices in design right now, so we accessorized the table with pieces that celebrate the trend, like the Canela-Canela necklace and vintage glass urn.

  • Layering textures is key when adding visual interest to your home, so we incorporated a suede Canela-Canela bucket bag into the vignette to introduce a new texture and gold-toned accents.

The second lounge has a more refined, masculine feel — a nod toward the interior of the hotel itself.

Here I combined vintage sailboats and vases with more contemporary items, like oversized fashion books and round rope balls, to create a styled coffee table vignette. The coffee table is handmade by Shepherd Design Co., a Milwaukee-based custom woodworker and furniture builder.
  • It’s not uncommon for fashion houses to diversify their brands and venture into home decor accessories, as shown here with the vintage Hermes tray and vintage Gucci plates. (I have a soft spot for these types of pieces, so you’ll find loads more in the store!)

  • Semi-precious and precious stones in all colors, shapes and sizes are obviously critical to jewelry design, but stoneware is big in interiors, too, so we paired an edgy Canela-Canela bracelet cuff with marble coasters etched with brass fill.

  • The horns in the foreground of this photo are personal favorites. I love their organic shape, and how they make a bold statement without being too brash. To show some contrast, we added a more structured piece — the black and gold Canela-Canela clutch — to the opposite side of the vignette.

Below are a few outtakes from the shoot, of other areas within the lounges that we styled. We’re styling multiple lounges at the event, and you can even reserve one to enjoy. We hope to see you there!

 (All items in these photos can be purchased at our Germantown store.)

How perfect are these oars? They’re vintage, but were painted to freshen their look.
With summer still in full swing, I wanted to style an outdoor decorative tablescape with a relaxed, bohemian vibe. Many of the items in this photo are antique or vintage, but the striped throw, blue rug and coral pieces are all new. Like I said earlier, a mix is key!
This may be favorite vignette of the bunch. There are two standout items here: an antique wood cart wheel sculpture, and landscape painting by Frederick Frary Fursman dating back to the early 20th century.
How stunning is that vintage sailboat? The white bench is vintage, too, as is the fishing net.

Photos by Marie McGeorge Photography