We’re Turning One!

I can hardly believe I’m writing this... Curated Home Decor is turning ONE this month! The past year has flown by, and I’ve learned a lot about building and running a business while juggling #momlife, but it’s been a tremendously humbling and wonderful experience. To celebrate the occasion, it seemed fitting that I share my 10 favorite in-store picks, so here goes nothing.

When Two Design Worlds Collide — The convergence of fashion and interiors

It’s no secret that interior design is often influenced or inspired by fashion design — and vice versa. The relationship between the two is ever-evolving, with fashion often leaning heavier into trends and interiors favoring timeless appeal. The goal of this project was to showcase the convergence of fashion and interiors, as well as provide you, our loyal blog readers, with styling tips to use in your own home.

The Treasure Hunt — How to shop a flea market, antique store or estate sale

Our first post answers your most frequently asked question: What’s the best way to shop a flea market, antique store or estate sale? I’ve admittedly spent thousands — yes, thousands — of hours shopping markets, stores and sales nationwide, so know these suggestions are, without a doubt, coming from a place of “been there, done that.” Our goal is to set you up for success.